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Building the team, disability training.

By Jennifer Lumsden, October 2 2019

Recently our Community staff undertook two useful and memorable training sessions.

Key Word Sign

Marriott Community team welcomed Cathy Basterfield, Owner of Access Easy English and Speech Pathologist for training in Key Word Sign.

Key Word Sign, previously Makaton, is a simplified form of signing and a highly effective form of communication. It builds on natural gestures and body language, which forms much of how we communicate daily and is useful for many of the clients we support.

Team building and improving communication

We also learnt about the Five Chairs model, of Louise Evans, as a way to reflect on how we communicate and to keep improving. It was a standout session.

The five chairs represent different viewpoint on the world and ways of responding to life’s challenges. From each chair, we experience different thoughts, attitudes and responses and these can have a profound impact on the way we communicate.

The five chairs are:

1. Attack – blaming, gossiping and judging of others.
2. Self- doubt – critical judging of ourselves.
3. Curious – looking to learn.
4. Detect – self-examining and assertive.
5. Connect – listening, holding people in our presence and valuing diversity

The session prompted us to look at the way we work, the challenges and opportunities we have to make a positive impact on the people we support. Using the chairs helped make it real and to reflect on alternative ways of communicating and connecting with others.

The opportunity is for all of us is to slow down, to listen more and find a balance so we make choices about how we respond and communicate to others.

It was an extremely insightful and fun session, facilitated by Marriott’s very own effervescent, enthusiastic and inspiring Erica Proposch, Co-ordinator of Volunteers, who always inspires people to have a go and do their best.

Reflections by Melanie Reed, Co-ordinator, Community Hub.
Check out Louise Evans Five Chairs https://www.LouiseEvans_FiveChairs

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