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Build a Bridge – Thinking of our Volunteers

By Erica Proposch, July 17 2020

We miss our wonderful volunteers.

We send our Volunteers our warm thoughts to keep safe and hope we can soon be together again. Some of our staff have penned their inner poet to say Thank you.

Cheers to our Volunteers

Cheers to our volunteers they are the reason for the quality of our years;
They come with a warm heart ready to give their contribution and play their part.
What an encouraging sight to see such shine their light, they come to give but not receive, but I believe their reward they will retrieve.
Those that give increase the life we live, an example shown is how our volunteers make this workplace our home.
So to our volunteers, we acknowledge your work and say thanks, because of what you do.
In your work, we see the best because you don’t ask for pay like the rest.    by Michael

To care so much for others
Is a quality all too rare?
Yet you give of your time and talents
For all in need to share.
So thank you for being a volunteer,
We’re privileged to work with you.
We want you to know how appreciated you are,
Not just today, but the whole year through.      by Patricia

Dear Sonia, I hope you are doing okay during these harsh times and staying safe. We miss your smiling face. You are dearly missed here. Such a hard-working woman and I look forward to having you back to complete the Drama Dream Team. When you are back we can sing our long-awaited duet in Karaoke. Warm-up those vocal chords Sonny. The Voice Australia here we come!    by Christine

Dear Margaret,
Are you playing the piano? We can’t wait to sing together again. All our favourites.
There was Margaret, Margaret playing her piano with us, with us. There was Margaret, Margaret playing her piano in the Corner Masters Store.
From The Sing-along Crew

Bill, Mereta, Mary, Rob, Carolyn—thank you for painting our new RTI building. It’s great! We can’t wait for you to be able to come for morning tea and see us. We miss you so much. From The Roads To Independence (RTI) team

Hey Virginia and Rodney, we miss all your help at Marriott Industries. Hope to see you soon. From The Marriott Industries team.

For more poetry and heartfelt thanks Build a Bridge News July 2020

Messages in response from our Volunteers

From the moment I arrived,
I felt like friends were all around.
It was hard to hang a head low,
it seemed impossible to frown.

I miss the tea and coffee at lunch,
the singing from the music room,
the art hanging in the halls,
the smiles as bright as the moon.

I wait for the day we can return,
to hear of what we’ve missed,
I hope you’re all doing well,
you’ve been a pleasure to assist.

Thinking of you all!
Kiki 🙂

Thank you- you guys certainly know how to make your volunteers feel valued, which is lovely! 🤗 Mary

What a lovely newsletter and messages. Much appreciated!
Keep well Erica and I look forward to catching up before too long. From Mereta

I really enjoyed reading all that wonderful, and sometimes quirky poetry, and the messages in this issue of the Build A Bridge News. A really fun issue that gave us a cheering up. Many thanks. From Bev







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