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Art nurtures creativity, disability, no barrier.

By Jennifer Lumsden, July 2 2019

How about an art program that works with each person, allowing his or her ideas to take shape. Art co-ordinator, Lisa encourages each artist to explore new media and to tap into each artist’s interests and skills.
Angus beams with enthusiasm when talking about his favourite movie, the new ‘Aladdin’. After seeing it recently at the cinemas with his mother. He decides to use Aladdin in his artwork with himself at the centre and surrounded by others. Andrew illustrates Goofy, his favourite movie character.

Other artists Tim, Jennifer and Juliette use large pieces of paper to bring their imagination to life.
Jennifer pays tribute to her favourite movie ‘Shrek’ by drawing the main character and completing the image with Shrek’s unique complexion.
Tim uses Star Wars, outlining his version of a spacecraft, which he decorated with paper clippings of purple hues against a green canvas. Juliette sits beside Tim and mirrors an image of two dolls dancing that she found in a book.
Lisa skillfully sets the tone in the art room creating a nurturing space that makes art a popular program at Marriott Community Hub.

Based in McKinnon, within walking distance to public transport the art program runs 5 days a week.
For more information contact Julia [email protected]
Phone 03 9577 6909

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