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By Marriott , April 18 2018

Ani’s on a mission called life.

Ani is a young woman with a friendly personality and strong sense of curiosity about the world around her. Ani enjoys getting out and about on public transport and into the city especially museums and art galleries and she has a very good knowledge of capital cities of the world.

But 3 years ago things were different for Ani

When Ani started a Marriott Community Hub she had some challenging patterns of behaviour, including running around indoors knocking into others, screaming and using a loud voice and not being respectful of others’ personal space. This made her intimidating to her peers.

Ani’s behaviour limited her reaching her goals because she was unable to go out and do things that interested her and connect with peers and with the community.

But since then Ani has made huge changes. She has come to understand herself and others better and to learn how to be with peers and as part of the community.

So what helped this change to happen?

The staff worked with Ani and her family to identify her interests and what triggered her to behave in ways that limited her reaching her goals.

For example, staff helped Ani realise the sound of crows was a trigger and how to manage her frightened behaviour when she was couldn’t control the trigger.

Another strategy the staff used was to develop social stories with Ani where she is the main character and the story includes how to behave in different contexts like being in public, and at the community hub and in the presence of her triggers. Every day Ani reads these stories and this helps her to learn how to behave.

Then doors started to open for her.

How is Ani’s life different now? It is so different.

  • Ani now goes into the city twice a week travelling on public transport.
  • Ani identifies and researches places of interest to visit like NGV, Melbourne Museum and the city tram.
  • Ani can remain calm when in public and in the presence of previous triggers.
  • Ani participates in art classes and drama group which she was not able to do previously.

In 2017 Ani won the Participant Effort Award at our Annual General Meeting in recognition of the effort she has put into managing her behaviour.

And at home Ani’s mum, Karin has noticed huge changes, like being able to go out with Ani and she says ‘Marriott’s staff have helped Ani so much, the difference is huge, she is much happier now.’

We look forward to new opportunities and doors opening for Ani and her family with the NDIS.

Our staff are skilled and well trained to support people to identify their strengths, to match strengths with opportunities and to support people with behaviours of concern to enable them to reach their goals. We can also help at home to manage behaviours of concern.

Give us a call now on 9577 6909

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