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About to face your NDIS meeting? Here are three tips to get a good result.

By Jennifer Lumsden, September 13 2018

It is not news that the NDIS is confusing and with the volume of NDIS information, we understand you can feel overwhelmed.

Here are three things to help you get a good NDIS plan.

1. Be prepared – know what you need now and also supports for building capacity.

2. Do not expect the planners to understand your situation unless you tell them, so again be prepared.

3. Take someone with you as support to help make sure everything is said that needs to be and if you get emotional, as is possible or the meeting takes a different direction than expected, you have a backup.

Here’s how we can help you? Our NDIS Service Development team supports you with your first NDIS plan:
• To understand the process and necessary terms;
• To do thorough preparation;
• We can support you during your NDIS meeting; and
• We offer support coordination if it is included in your plan.

What do people say?
We hear great feedback like Sue Vella who says”Marriott Support Coordinators act with confidence and reliability to navigate through the NDIS for my son, Ryan, connecting us with the services that match our needs. It has taken a load off my shoulders, which is much appreciated.”

Our team is
• David – Manager
• Cameron, Noreen and Sarah – Support Coordination

Located at Keys Road Cheltenham, contact us on [email protected]

NDIS transition

From left Sarah, David, Michelle, Cameron and Erica in the front. Ryan is not present.

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