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A day in the city, what we learnt – disability support.

By Jennifer Lumsden, July 22 2019

We were all are excited to go to the National Gallery of Victoria; we learnt a few things from this outing.

When travelling in a group it is very important to do proper co-ordination so we do not get lost. It helps to listen actively and pay attention to others. We learnt how to participate with a new person and to make them feel comfortable coming on an outing for the first time. While travelling on public transport we do not make loud noises, which is uncomfortable for other passengers.

While at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) we:
• Follow the rules told to us by the security person.
• Do not touch any items or paintings.
• Keep voices at a volume that is respectful of others.
• Are open to learning new things.

Subi and Allison (disability support staff) explained to us about different cultures and history. We enjoyed participating in the discussion.

The security person gave us compliments for being the best group as we follow the rules and listen to others. We are happy when we hear those kind words from the security person. We notice how Mark helps Juliette with walking when she needed a hand.

Meditation at Fed Square.

As Fed. Square is busy, we stick to each other and always wait for other group members who walk slower. Even while crossing the road with the signals we show our presence of mind and follow the other group members.

Trying meditation was fun; we listened at the start and learnt how to relax our minds by closing our eyes and trying to concentrate on the leader’s voice. Wells, who is chatty, made a new friend. The session helped us to develop our social skills in the community.

What we learnt

• Listen to others – peers, staff and those who work at public services.

• Follow the rules in public places

• Use respectful social skills with peers and the community.

• Be open to learn and participate in new things.

• Notice others who may need help and ask first if they need assistance.

Afterwards, Mark went to JB hi-fi as he has a lot of interest in electronics; he was sharing his knowledge about electronics with us on the way home. We notice each other’s interests.

Written by Mark, Spiro and Wells from Roads to Independence

Michael and Juliette enjoy a day at the NGV.
We met up with friends for lunch.

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