A cuppa with Sandra

How long have you been with Enviro Management, and what do you do?

I started working with Marriott on the 22nd of Feb 2021, so I am quite new!  I am the Operations Coordinator for Enviro Management (a certified social enterprise).  I supervise our supported employment teams and the day-to-day operations.

What is your favourite thing about working at Enviro Management?

Seeing the relationships our crews have with each other, and the way they communicate and organise their day, supporting each other.

Which Enviro customer do you think everyone should visit and why?

City of Kingston’s Playgrounds

We service playgrounds in an area that stretches from Clayton through to Patterson Lakes. The playgrounds are well maintained by Enviro and City of Kingston crews. They are a lovely place to take your family, and for the kids to play in a beautiful environment.

What was the largest obstacle faced during your onboarding?  And how did you overcome this challenge?

I found the NDIS Workers Screening Check a bit fiddly. The uploading of ID such as a passport or license details kept rejecting. It took much persistence but finally, it was accepted. However, this is an important and mandatory requirement when working in a disability support organisation, therefore I was happy to complete it.

In your role, what is the biggest benefit you see with supported employees?

I have some of our supported employees asking to try new tasks or learn new skills.
We talk about goals and work towards achieving them in an appropriate time frame.

Enviro’s Team Leaders assist employees to complete our competency documents together, for recording progress milestones.

How would you describe your day job to a child?

My morning usually starts just after 6 am, the crews start arriving just before 7 am for what we refer to as the “early” crew. We communicate about jobs for the day, and the crew goes about prepping vehicles with equipment, completing their pre-start safety checks and paperwork, then they hit the road. We then repeat the same process with the “late” crew.

I then continue with my paperwork, answering emails and customer requests. Recently, we have been updating some of our procedural paperwork, so I have been working with the new Project Officer, Mizzi, and Senior Manager Linda on this.

What is your most memorable facepalm moment at Marriott?

I don’t have a facepalm moment yet but give me time I’m sure that will change.

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