A cuppa with Julia

How long have you been at Marriott Support Services? What is your role?

I have been working at Marriott Support Services for just over four years now.  My role is the Office Manager within Corporate Services, located at our 15a/56 Keys Road Cheltenham site.

Have you had any other roles at Marriott Support Services?

Yes, I first started with the Community Services team in 2017 as a “Temporary” Receptionist at Wheatley Road in McKinnon. This became a permanent role shortly thereafter.

Wheatley Road is Marriott’s community services site which provides support to people with disabilities by running fun activities, training programs, and travel outings, which improve the independence of Marriott NDIS participants.

I then moved to the Marriott Head Office in Cheltenham in early 2020, to undertake a Human Resources Audit Project. In June 2020, I commenced a new role as Receptionist/Admin Officer, and then in March this year, I took on my current role as Office Manager which consists of reporting directly to the CEO – Ann-Maree Colborne. I supervise Olivia, who is a supported employee who now works full time at Reception helping me with Admin tasks, answering phone calls, and other duties.

I am responsible for all IT for the organisation. This involves informing Techware (our external IT service provider) of any IT issues. I also take care of the maintenance of all equipment; I liaise with suppliers and service providers. I also organise and order all uniforms and consumables across all Marriott sites. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m not sure what a “typical day” looks like, to be honest. I don’t think I’ve ever had two days the same. I try to start each day by going through my emails, checking the different email boxes for enquiries that come from the website, and then answering requests and queries. From there, I could be doing anything from onboarding new staff members, setting up computer workstations, ordering stock for any of our three sites, assisting staff with any number of admin or IT issues, or supervising our new Receptionist – Olivia. I also support the CEO – Ann-Maree Colborne with Admin tasks, ordering food for a Board meeting… You name it, I do it! 

What is the best part about your job?

I love the diversity and pace of my job – that no two days are ever the same. I love the interactions with my colleagues and the supported employees from the three social enterprises. I love being able to assist anyone in the organisation and have them leave my office with a problem solved. It’s a great feeling!

What challenges have you faced in your job and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge for me has been learning about the IT aspect of the role. There is always new software or new updates which I must be aware of. Admin has always been a strong point for me, but IT is something I have had to get my head around.

Learning on the job, talking to colleagues who know more than I do, and learning from mistakes has been the best way for me to overcome my biggest challenge. I now know so much more than when I first started, and I feel very confident helping others when they are new or not used to a system yet.

 What has been one of your highlights at Marriott Support Services? 

One of the biggest highlights for me was being awarded the CEO Award for Excellence in 2020. This was a great honour as you are being judged by your peers. Everyone nominates who they think has done an exceptional job that year. It was gratifying to know that I’m doing a good job and my colleagues are happy working with me!

What is a fun fact about you that nobody knows?

When I was a child, I worked in Television, doing commercials and I worked in various kids’ TV programs, primarily for the ABC!

If you are interested in working with us, please contact info@marriott.org.au.

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