A cuppa with Jason

How long have you been working at Marriott Support Services?

I started working at Marriott Support Services in 2020 and have now been here for a year and a half.

What made you interested in working at Marriott Support Services?

I was looking for a change, and training and helping people seemed like an interesting career path. I had also previously worked for another disability support service in a similar role, so I was already familiar with the disability sector.

What is your role at Marriott Support Services?

My role at Marriott Support Services is as a Team Leader as part of the Enviro team! I help a team of supported employees to complete jobs at different sites mostly in the Kingston area such as Playgrounds, Parks, Public Housing, and being a part of larger jobs such as Seaford railway crossing. In my role, I assist with the training of supported employees and ensure the jobs are done efficiently, safely, and professionally.

Have you had any other roles at Marriott Support Services?

 I was hired as a Workplace Training Officer as part of the Corporate Services team. The role was predominantly assisting with the introduction of the Bundy App which employees at Marriott use to clock their working hours to assist with the pay run. This took some time to train staff members and I ran group training sessions which were mostly before work. I assisted many supported employees who had never downloaded apps on their phones to use the app! Some people had never used a phone before, so this was a great opportunity for some of the Supported Employees to excel in their technology skills. It took some getting used to at the start, but the Marketing team put up signs to remind employees to ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ at the start of every day. An iPad was placed at entry points for those who did not own a mobile phone. I would sometimes stand at the entrance of the building to assist employees to use the iPad. Bundy was a change from the traditional swipe card but now everyone has the hang of it!

I also helped with the introduction of the new HR3 system which involved overcoming many challenges. For both new software, I had to input each employee with their details into the new system as previously everything was paper documents stored in huge filing cabinets. This also eliminated paper and made Marriott more eco-friendly! This new software stores employee documents online making them easier to access for the Human Resources team.

What does a typical day look like for you? How has it changed from your first role?

A typical day starts at 7 am, getting all our pre-checks done and ensuring all the equipment is safe and ready for the day. We work over about 120 sites from Moorabbin through to Noble Park to maintain their lawns, nature strips, and gardens. It is an interesting job with no two days being the same. My former role was training the supported employees and staff in the use of new technology, `so I have had to adapt to my new role being outdoors, I am definitely getting more fit, and I enjoy the outdoors and nice scenery some of the sites have too.

What challenges have you faced in your past or present role and how did you overcome them?

The weather can be very challenging at times, it can be cold in winter and quite hot in summer, and the rain is always fun. Slip slop slap and appropriate PPE for the conditions is a must. It can be quite tiring at times but is very rewarding when we get the jobs done, especially finishing a contract early!

The other Team Leaders and the Supported Employees have been a great source of knowledge to help overcome most changes, they are a wealth of knowledge and experience.

What motivates you to get up for work in the morning?


The guys, it’s a great team. We enjoy our work and there is a real sense of teamwork. There is also a great amount of satisfaction when you see the end result of our work and how great the areas look when we are done.

What do you like to do in your spare time when you are not working?

My spare time is spent mainly with family, the grandkids tend to keep me busy.

I enjoy reading and watching movies and used to catch up with friends in between COVID lockdowns.  I enjoy looking after my own yard, I have learned so much over the last 6 months, I look forward to this year.

To enquire about career opportunities within the Enviro team, please contact our Human Resources team hr@marriott.org.au or view our current vacancies page.

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