3PL Warehousing

Is it time to outsource your warehousing operations to a knowledgeable and trustworthy third party?

Industries can help.  We have extensive experience in managing warehouse solutions for small to medium businesses.

We can complete your secondary warehousing tasks allowing you to focus on growing your business

Your business is given access to a wealth of expert knowledge that can assist in streamlining your processes

Industries provides both retail and wholesale 3PL warehousing and pick/pack solutions. We are agile and adept at seamless integration with many transport and logistics providers to quickly and accurately process your daily orders.

We automate the ordering process and enable a real time view of your current stock and order status.

Our warehouses in Cheltenham offer Container Unloading, Bonded Storage and short and long term general warehouse solutions for up to 1000 pallets.

As the warehouses are connected to our production facility, you have the option to save on transport costs, as our Industries team can produce label, rework and assemble your goods all in the one location. 

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