Our success means more people with disabilities out in the community participating, contributing, working, feeling proud of their lives and their choices.

'Celebrate what you want to see more of' Tom Peters 

A small amount of money makes a big difference! Funds are used where they are most needed including providing more opportunities in the areas of employment, transition and life skills.
Andrew loves using the ipad at Marriott House. This year we received a very generous donation that enabled us to pur-chase 7 iPads. These are great for people with Autism as they are visual, easy to use, and engaging. Find out more about our current projects.
Raise money as a group through your own self-directed fundraiser or use one of our Fundraiser Plans to get people engaged in a good cause.


Want to help others less fortunate than yourself? Want to make the world a better place and have a big impact in your local community? Make a regular donation via your wages each pay period. It is simple, quick and easy to set up