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NAB volunteers at Marriott Industries

Looking for innovative ideas for employee engagement? Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and partner with Marriott

Research shows that where an organisation performs some additional social good beyond its core purpose employee engagement increases. “All core business measures—profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, quality, retention, and sales—are significantly higher at companies with a concentration of engaged employees”. (2)

Believing in something bigger than ourselves is a basic human need. Connecting with employees’ hearts and souls via a mission such as bettering the lives of people with disability will lead to better engagement at work as the employee views their workplace as facilitating social good.

HR departments usually utilise the following employee engagement programs:

1. Remuneration and benefits
2. Reward and recognition programs
3. Flexible working arrangements/work life balance
4. Career, professional development and education opportunities
5. Good work environment – diverse workplace, health & wellbeing programs

Why not add a new one?

6. Enabling your employees to participate in social good that brings a smile to their face and an experience they won’t forget

As a disability support service Marriott supports over 300 adults with disability.

Marriott focuses on building the individuals skills and confidence in accessing the community through providing vocational training, work experience opportunities, social skills development and travel training to facilitate independence. Marriott also provides support in employment and day services for adults with an intellectual or other disability.

There are many ways you can partner with Marriott Support Services and give back to one of the most vulnerable communities in Australia – adults with disability.

Corporate Volunteering

Marriott Industries, our Pick n Pack area welcomes corporate volunteers throughout the year. National Australia Bank, Grant Thornton and LinkedIn are some of the organisations who have participated in our corporate program. Through corporate volunteering your employees work alongside Marriott’s supported employees throughout the day and are assigned a buddy. The day is concluded with a presentation by a Disability Ambassador who shares their personal journey to provide insight into living with a disability. Participants in this program have found the experience to be enlightening and many NAB volunteers have returned time and again, finding that they take away a lot more from the experience than they feel they give.

Josh’s Volunteer Experience:

“Our experience at Marriott was widely discussed today. Yesterday and Monday's attendees got so much from the day and we are deeply inspired. We learned a lot about what you guys do and a few things about ourselves. I've discussed having the choir come in … and we are so excited to host you. Please keep in touch re details/times etc. We will put on a really fun day and I'm sure all will enjoy”.

At Christmas time we offer organisations the opportunity to bring their whole team in to “give something back for the giving season” and work alongside our team of supported employees. For organisations that are stretched for time in December we also offer the same experience as Christmas Giving in July. We are more than happy to share these positive stories on our blog using your organisation’s name and also offer them to you to share in your social media forums.

Corporate Project Groups

As a not for profit our administration resources are tight and any assistance with professional services on a volunteer project basis are welcomed. This might include:

  • Marketing and communications
  • Social media development
  • Graphic design
  • Photography and filming/editing
  • Education, training and facilitation - anything that could be offered to our volunteers as professional development would be excellent
  • Research and analysis, including market research

Workplace Giving

Regular donations help us to continue to provide valuable services to some of Victoria’s most vulnerable people. If your organisation has a Workplace Giving scheme we would greatly appreciate being added to your list of recipients. If you don’t have a scheme Marriott can assist you to organise one. We have DGR status and workplace giving is simple, quick and easy to set up.

Disability Awareness Training

Recently in the State Disability Plan Actions it was identified that the government needed to do more to support disability and inclusion. Two of the many ideas proposed were:

  • Build a disability confident culture in Government agencies and contractors by ensuring employees have access to disability awareness training
  • Mandate the development and implementation of Disability Action Plans (DAPs) across all Departments and agencies, including organisations delivering government funded services and programs

In preparation for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) we believe organisations other than government would benefit greatly from taking these two actions as well. The NDIS is the biggest social change Australia has seen since the introduction of Medicare. It means an extra $3.5 billion for the Victorian economy and most importantly provides individuals with disability with choice and control on how they spend their funding to access the best supports for them to be able to live their life the way they want. Will they be your next customers?

Marriott’s Disability Awareness Training helps both management and staff become disability confident by giving them the skills to interact positively and assuredly with colleagues with disability as well as customers.

LinkedIn Participant’s Experience of Disability Awareness Training:

“This training has helped me open my eyes to individuals living with a disability and how to better communicate in the workplace”

Team Building Events

If you are looking for a team challenge Marriott offers a one day team building experience to physically, intellectually and socially test your team. Marriott has an arrangement with a local Hi-Tech Circuit Gym that provides team challenges as a gamified experience, where you can physically test your team. For the full day extreme experience we offer you the use of our shower, modern training room, Disability Awareness and Inclusion Training facilitated by our highly experienced Disability Trainer plus a Disability Ambassador, and some time working with our supported employees on the floor. Marriott can also organise catering to make it a really special team event.

*Costs apply for Team Building Events

Employing People with Disability

Marriott Employment Options matches people with a disability looking for work with employer needs. Our recruitment, placement and support service is offered free of charge. Wage incentives may also be available to employers.

People with disabilities are often overlooked in the employment arena yet they are often the most committed and reliable employees.

‘People with disabilities and their families, friends and carers reported daily instances of being segregated, excluded, marginalised and ignored. At the best they reported being treated as different. At worst they reported experiencing exclusion and abuse, and being the subject of fear, ignorance and prejudice’.ix NDS Victorian Election Priorities Paper, 2014

To discuss any of these opportunities further please contact:

Janine Simpkin
Chief Operations Officer
p.9947 1116

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