Roads to Independence

A group of people in the Roads to Independence program. 

Roads to Independence (RTI) is part of Marriott Community Services and works in collaboration with adults with disabilities, their families and their community to provide a planned approach to building independence.

Situated in Moorabbin with easy access to public transport, RTI offers a base for individuals to start and end the day while accessing the local and wider community. Run by experienced and well-trained staff and supported by an extensive volunteer base, RTI has a vocational focus and assists individuals to work towards accessing the community independently through a tailored and flexible program. 


Everyone attending the Roads to Independence program must:

  • Have the desire and initiative to participate in decision making around the planning of their week
  • Have a desire to participate in community based work (both paid and as a volunteer)
  • Own and use a mobile phone in the community
  • Be over 18 and be able to be left unsupervised for short periods
  • Have the capacity to use public transport with minimal staff support
  • Have an Intellectual Disability and /or Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Have an allocated funding package or be willing to pay fee for service
  • Undertake to not engage in bullying or aggressive behavior towards other people (including by text messaging, phone calls or emails) 

All participants are expected to abide by our code of conduct and will begin with a three month probationary period. The type of support required and provided will depend on individual and agreed outcomes. 

Current Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm 


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