What’s so important about printing technology?

  27 June 2017

What’s so important about printing technology?

Marriott Industries is a dynamic and professional social enterprise that employs 80 people with disability. 

We are always focused on enhancing and developing the skills of all employees as we seek to grow our business and improve efficiency. 

We have many labelling contracts but sometimes we are currently not considered by large companies as we do not have the capacity to print in house which means the client has to provide the labels for us to do the work. You can help us change this.

Help us raise funds for new printing technology so that: 
Employees can learn new skills in basic computer programming to drive the printers;
We can offer more diverse and interesting work opportunities  for people with disability building social inclusion and economic independence and confidence;
We can be strong competitors in the market place.

What we hope to achieve with your support:-
The ability to print bar codes labels on site, to print directly onto cardboard boxes and have the capacity to batch code directly onto product which is set to become mandatory in 2018 for product going into major stores in Australia. This printing technology will MAKE a HUGE difference by providing new skill development opportunity for employees with a disability and enable Marriott Industries to effectively compete in the market place.  

 Help us raise $15,000 for our printing solution to make this happen- please donate today. https://www.mycause.com.au/page/152244/printer-technology-expands-skills-and-work-for-people-with-disability-and-provides-quality-service-to-customers


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