The Aquarium

The Aquarium

Last Tuesday we went to the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium and had an amazing day. We caught public transport to the Aquarium which was in a blue building. 

First up, everyone headed to the café for morning tea passing by a huge wall of jellyfish. 

After we had eaten we saw sharks, stingrays and clown fish in a massive tank that you could walk under. 

Other highlights included a crocodile, touching a starfish and the Emperor penguins. 

We also saw a movie in 4D where the chairs moved, air blew on our faces and it rained inside the cinema as we watched lce Age. 

This was our last outing for the term, it was a happy day, filled with discoveries and laughter. 

Ed made lots of dad jokes about feeding us to the sharks, luckily we all made it back alive. 
That's all till next term, from the RTI Tuesday Group.

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