Out and about on public transport - Chadstone.

Out and about on public transport - Chadstone. 

Recently we travelled to Chadstone Shopping Centre for the first time. 
The trip was more about learning how to travel there rather than looking at the shops. We caught the train from Moorabbin station to Caulfield station. Once we got to Caulfield we caught the 900 bus to Chadstone.       

It didn’t take long to get to Chadstone, in total it took 33 minutes. 
Robbie, Rosa and Isabelle travelled on public transport for the first time to Chadstone. 
We had our lunch at Chaddy and spent some time looking at the stores. 
The gentlemen in the group were not impressed when Rosa and Isabelle looked in Sephora (a beauty shop). 

Your turn to choose next time gentlemenīŠ.  
We really enjoy learning to use public transport.

Written by Rosa, Robbie, Ethan, Andrew and George, Roads to Independence.

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