NDIS on transport supports and face to face meetings.

  12 July 2017
NDIS on transport supports and face to face meetings 
In June ABC journalist Norman Hermant interviewed NDIA CEO David Bowen using questions submitted by NDIS participants, here is an excerpt. 

NORMAN HERMANT:  Why won’t NDIS fund transport for clients who cannot drive and cannot catch public transport or catch taxis alone?

DAVID BOWEN: Yes, it’s a big issue. We do fund transport cost where a person cannot access or travel independently on public transport. It’s a component of many people’s packages. A person cannot have transport costs included in their NDIS plan AND an existing transport subsidy (mobility allowance) from a state or territory government. 
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At Marriott Support Services we support people with disability to use public transport as it builds confidence and independence. We work with each individual and don’t assume people cannot learn to use public transport including those who for years have used only taxi services.

Face to face meetings
NORMAN HERMANT:  Here's a common question, "How can they assess me without seeing me?"
DAVID BOWEN: We instituted some telephone planning as a means of catching-up on the number of people waiting to get into the scheme. We can only say it was most unsuccessful. 
Our intent going forward is not to say no phone plan, our intent’s to say, let’s plan in the way that is most desired by our participants.  Some participants love the idea that you can phone them up at home, talk to them on the phone, get all the details and push a plan out. Others want that face-to-face contact. They want time to digest the conversations and come back to it. We want to have the full range of options available.

At Marriott Support Services we strongly recommend that you request a face to face meeting with NDIA planning staff to make sure you are heard clearly, that you can ask questions and have time for careful consideration about your plan.
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