“My confidence grew because I was supported”, Jane from Marriott Industries.

“My confidence grew because I was supported”, Jane from Marriott Industries. 

Jane really enjoys working at Marriott Industries and after 8 years what Jane particularly likes is the variety of jobs and the people she works with. 
It’s important for Jane to have variety in her work and to have opportunity to keep learning.
Jane enjoys many jobs but her favourite is the spice room. 

In the spice room large amounts of spices are measured into small jars, sealed, labelled and packaged. It takes accuracy, patience and attention to quality to do this work. 
Jane tells what it was like when she first started working in the spice room.

I was very nervous and worried I would get things wrong and get into trouble if I made a mistake. It took a while to be really accurate with the measuring and labelling.
Alex really helped me to be calm and stay focussed on learning each of the different tasks involved, my confidence grew because I was supported. 
Now I am confident in the spice room, and I really like working there. 
Thanks to Alex for supporting me.

Alex adds 
When Jane started in the spice room she was really nervous about making a mistake but she was also enthusiastic and keen to learn.
I work to make the spice room an easy and supportive place to work and I often say to the supported employees ‘be ready always to learn and to try.’
Over time Jane has become very capable in the spice room, which she clearly enjoys. 
Now I can leave Jane ‘in charge’ of one-side of the bench and Jane works in a conscientious and reliable way and she runs a very tidy workspace. 
Her confidence has grown a lot and now Jane shows others how to work in the spice room.
I am always happy to have her on the spice room team.

What motivates Jane?
Jane is motivated to learn both in her work and in work education. Jane recently completed a Certificate I in Transition Education and decided to continue on to the Certificate I in Work Education. She also took the opportunity to attend the in-house Speak Up workshops to build skills and confidence in speaking up and has since spoken to the morning team meeting.
We can all learn from Jane to keep learning in life. Well done Jane!

The NDIS will open opportunities for Jane to continue her learning and to develop new skills and confidence, possibly with out of hours social or recreation activity, or advancing her computer skills or to volunteer while at the same time supporting her to maintain her employment.

At Marriott Support Services we value our employees and support them to build skills and confidence through at range of opportunities and to maintain their employment. 

Jane at her recent graduation with Bev, a very proud mum.

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