Garry Washfold, General Manager, Marriott Business Enterprise is retiring after 27 years, here are his reflections.

  17 March 201

What have you been most proud of doing or being part of at Marriott Support Services?

I am most proud of the culture of Marriott and that we constantly work to keep it at its high standard and are always looking for ways to keep improving.

Also the very positive impact we have on 300 people with a disability is something I feel enormously proud to have been a part of at Marriott.

Where would you like to see Marriott Support Services heading in the next 2-5 years?

I envisage Marriott in 3 to 5 years being a very successful not for profit (NFP) working within the NDIS with social enterprises and community focused centres that cater for a wide area of social need throughout our local environment.

How would you describe Marriott Support Services to someone who does not know what we do?

Marriott is a NFP that works with people with a disability to achieve the best possible outcome they can with their life. We do this with training, employment, recreation opportunities and community engagement.

 The best career advice anyone gave you

The best advice someone gave to me was to stop talking, listen to different points of view and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Thoughts from three Marriott Industries employees:

Garry helped me a lot, he helped me get where I am today. Rebecca

I have known Garry for 17 years and he has always been helpful. William

Garry has been around a long time and always helps people out. June


Garry is a strong advocate of the Marriott Drive Train program saying ‘people with disability are able to learn to drive and we must challenge the assumption that they are not. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that people with disability who get their licence are careful and competent drivers and having a licence makes such a difference to their independence, confidence, it opens up job opportunities and strengths the ability to participate in society.’


Thank you Garry for your significant and purposeful contribution to Marriott Support Services and for leaving it with strong foundations ready for the future.


The Drive Train program provides a supportive learning environment to assist people get their Learners’ permit and learn to drive. The experienced drive educators are calm and skilled in communicating with diverse learners. To express interest in the Drive Train program which will start again mid-year email details to drivetrain@marriott.org.au

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