Author: Jennifer Lumsden

“Volunteering builds my confidence and helps give back” Jeffrey, volunteer.

  17 October, 2016
Jeffrey's Video Image
What do these activities have in common; helping Spiro with maths exercises and working in the garden with participants at Marriott House?

Challenging our assumptions?

  3 October, 2016
Instead of assuming, ask questions
We all make assumptions and often don’t notice. Here’s an example: One day while in Bentleigh library I was surprised by the sound of a familiar voice. Looking up confirmed the identity of the visitor, a participant from Marriott Support Services.

Giving yourself permission to shine

  23 September, 2016
Stephanie used those words to start her story recently to a group of Year 10 and 11 students at Berendale School, as part of the Hands Up project of BGK LLEN.

Resilience and Gratitude

  13 September, 2016
Group of people who are grateful for our most liveable city
The Resilience Project helps people be mentally healthy and says building resilience is key. Here are three important things for resilience - gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.

Reaching a goal – entering open employment

Dean is well known at Marriott Industries (MI) having worked there for seven years after leaving school. Working at MI helped Dean by giving him the chance to learn new skills and have increasing responsibility so that open employment became an option.

How well are we listening?

  05 August, 2016
Marriott Youth Ambassadors
A key part of developing better opportunities as part of the NDIS is really listening to people with disabilities. Recently, I had cause to reflect. At a recent national conference about disability employment, there appeared to be very few people with disability present. Does that make sense? Why were there so few people with a disability? It is worth asking the question ‘Do we need to do better at engaging people with disability?’

Hannah tells her story at the NDS Disability at Work Conference 2016

Hannah told her story at the NDS Disability at Work Conference in Canberra last week, and she reached one big goal, to speak in public for the first time.


Olivia at Marriott Industries
Olivia is a well-known face at Marriott Support Services; she’s an Assistant Team Leader in Industries and is a former Marriott Ambassador. Recently Olivia has put another feather in her cap, by joining the Access Stonnington Committee (ASC).

Artists take charge of their art

  27 May, 2015
Jenny with Volunteer Erin
The Marriott art room is a hive of creative energy. Here are six things about Lisa, our Art Co-ordinator at Marriott Support Services.

Marriott Celebrates Volunteers every day!

  10 May, 2016
Jenna and Chris at Marriott House Reception
Chris has been a part of Marriott Support Services for a long time, as a participant at Marriott House, at Vocational Links and more recently at Roads to Independence. Two years ago, the then Community Manager, Sarah said to Chris ‘Why don’t you volunteer at Marriott House Reception?’ Chris’ first response was ‘Are you joking?’ Sarah clearly was not!