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what we do?

Specialising in the areas of day services, transition programs and employment for adults with intellectual disabilities, Marriott Support Services is a not-for-profit organisation. It is our aim to achieve greater inclusion in the wider community for people with disability. Let us stand beside you while you reach your goals.   


By Jennifer Lumsden on 25 August 2017
Jane with Alex
Jane really enjoys working at Marriott Industries and after 8 years what Jane particularly likes is the variety of jobs and the people she works with.
It’s important for Jane to have variety in her work and to have opportunity to keep learning.
Jane enjoys many jobs but her favourite is the spice room.
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By Sarah McCarthy on 22 August 2017
help sign
Today I spoke with a parent who “did not want anything to do with the NDIS”.

The anxiety and frustration in their voice was completely understandable.
It is natural from what we have heard in the press to wonder what supports will continue and many people are afraid they will lose supports.
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Marriott Support Services was established in the 1970’s. Providing opportunities and choices for the whole of adult life for adults with disability, we promote inclusion in the community. Our belief is that people with disability should be able to focus on their ability rather than a disability.